Astrophytum Asteria - #6 - (2.7cm)

Astrophytum Asteria - #6 - (2.7cm)


Astrophytum Asterias is great for cactus lovers who are looking for a relatively spineless, small, and cute option. They are low maintenance, produce large, beautiful yellow flowers, and are relatively spineless. This is the exact seed-grown Astro that you'll be receiving.  It has been acclimatised to Singapore's weather and only one piece is available.



  • Like many cacti, Astrophytum love sandy, porous soil. Organic material can attract pests and increase chances of root rot, so stick to a dry, rocky and well-draining mix instead.
  • Water once in two weeks at your discretion.
  • 8-10 hours of sunlight. Avoid direct afternoon sun where possible.

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